Chaparral Studio

Boulder Creek, California • Recording • Mixing with Shimshai
Rates from $50/hour. Inquire for more details and specifics about your project and needs, or our capabilities and availability here at the studio.

Options for Recording, Mixing, or Full Production

Specializing in Reggae, Acoustic, Folk & Singer-Songwriter styles of music but some experience and understanding of most musical genres.

Full featured single room facility to record your project from the ground up in top quality, or add a special touch in mixing tracks that you’ve recorded yourself at home or elsewhere. Super pristine and quiet retreat nature setting for inspiring the best of your creativity.

Driven by a simple love for music and a desire to make good music more available, as well as the inspiration to help musicians recording at home take their music to another level of sonic potential.

Remote mixing services available as well, meaning you don’t have to be here in the studio at all times. We can send files via internet or postal mail for reference. Of course your being present will help guide the direction of your music as you like.

No mastering is currently offered at this facility, as I prefer to leave that to the real pros. We can certainly make some solid recommendations for this step of your project.

The tools to make your music come alive!

Striving to bridge the hands on analog technology of the old recordings we all love, with the practicality & seamlessness of the modern digital age in a relaxed, inspiring environment.
Recently overhauled acoustics of the studio for a much tighter and sonically cleaner space.

Full feature analog console by TOFT Audio Designs (makers of Trident) for both recording and mixing. Lots of warmth and flavor as well as real vintage EQ. Up to 32 analog channels & more via computer. Console recently upgraded by Jim Williams of

Pro Tools 10 & 11, Logic X and access to other platforms as needed. Pro Tools remains the industry standard and my personal preference for both recording & mixing, but anything is possible and quite flexible these days.

Extensive collection of Universal Audio Powered Plug-ins, widely considered some of the best digital simulations of classic analog gear. Outboard reverb by Lexicon, delay, compression & effects also on hand as desired or required. Tube based preamps and top of the line A/D conversion with several Universal Audio Apollo units.

Pro monitors and headphones by FOCAL, Yamaha, AKG & KRK. Professional microphones from Neumann, AKG, Shure, Telefunken and more. Custom handmade ribbon mics as well.

Large collection of musical instruments available for use in recording or overdubbing. Many guitars and ethnic stringed instruments, flutes, drums & percussion. Inquire for full list of instruments available. Recently added Spectrasonics Keyscape for the best sampled vintage, analog and oldschool keyboards and pianos.
La Ventana Shimshai & Susana
True Heart by Shimshai
Alianza by Shimshai
Seer Prophet Son by Shimshai
Shimshai’s albums Seer/Prophet/Son, Alianza, True Heart and La Ventana were all recorded here.
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