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Seer Prophet Son

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COVENANT - words from Hoshea 2:20
Ve charati la hem, brit bayom ha hoo
Im chayat hasadeh, ve im of
Ha shamaim, ve remes ha adama
Ve keshet ve cherev, um milchama esh bor
Min ha a’aretz, ve hishkavtim la vetach

In that day, I make a covenant
With the beasts and the birds
with all creatures that walk on the earth
& Bow and sword and battle, disappear from the land
So that all may safely rest
OCEAN CHILD - Paul Winter
Ocean child, come now home
Holy wonder, holy One
Ancient song, call me home
Ave Maris, Ave Om

Born on the sound of the sea in my blood
Washed in the waters that carried me home
Filled with the glow of the light from thy spirit
La da da...

Let me flow without time, let me rise from my sleep
Let me see in the light, let me sound in the deep
Let me soar in the silence, of the ancient voice

Born on the sound...

Come now home
COME - Rumi
Come, come whoever you are
Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving
Come, come whoever you are
This isn’t a caravan of despair

It doesn’t matter if you’ve broken your vows
A thousand times before, and yet again
Come again come, and yet again come

Come again come...
Beloved giver of life
You are the soul surrounds the
Sight & sound, all borders of mind
You are the space beyond all time

A child of the wonderful One has begun
In this journey on, soul revelation
When the way is the only one
Awaken child of the seeing stone
You are the master of flesh and bone
& the power within your hand
Is the same as created man
I stand on this rising dawn
As if I am the only one
Oh blazing and brilliant come
You are the mystic of Avalon

Call to the vision of the ancients
Wise to the wonders yet unknown
Arise to the simple and the sacred
As the pattern of your life unfolds
& All that you may become
My Seer my Prophet my Son

Time on its turning hinge
Folding back on its self again
Arrives on a wave of light
& Forward on its eternal flight
For the secret the sage has sought to exist
In this timelessness
Suspended by life’s embrace
In surrender to the will of grace
For we, when we have risen above
& Awakened to the fullness of
The power at life’s command
& the force running through our hands

Call to the vision of the ancients...
In every day we have begun
With every waking one
I pray for our daughters and our sons
Pray for the light within their eyes
That forever their freedom flies
I pray for the day, the day has come
If ever you fall into the night
& Lose all sense of sight
Remember that darkness births the light
& When you rise again once more
Still stronger than before
You’ll know the time you came here for

& Through my eyes I’m feeling older now
In knowing how, I made my vow
& so I feel a little closer now
I take my bow, your time is now

So follow the path unto the sun
Where lies the waking one
& When you rise the dream is done
Melodies ancient voice and song
Will keep you safe and make you strong
To not forget what’s yet to come
So live your dreams and dream of truth
Dream of life and live your youth
& One day you will look back through
Remember the way that we have come
All as daughters and as sons
So pray for the day to carry on

& Through this life we find our fears and truths
In age and youth, and so we choose
& Through my eyes I’ve seen in color too
The world as new, I’ll see you through
Through forgiveness, comes true vision
With this acceptance, we are forgiven
As you behold, this reflection
See its extension encircle us all

Allah, Hu Allah, Il Allah, Shakur Allah

Born of thy breath and beginning to see
That you are the essence of all we receive
As we discover and learn to believe
That what is forever will always be
So one to another we give and receive
As love is eternal, in turn we believe
To pray for this life and to where we are from
One with the journey through what we’ve become
So pray for forgiveness for what we have done
Pray for the journey, return to the One

Allah, Hu Allah, Il Allah, Shakur Allah
Allah, Hu Allah, Il Allah, La Ilaha Il Allah
I know that Jah is forever beside me
I, I, I, I know the love will remind me
I know that Jah is the light in a darkened world
I, I, I, I must live in thy way and thy will

Our Father who art in Zion
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
Upon this earth, as it is in Zion

We give thanks to the Infinite One, Universal One, yeah yeah
We sing praise to the Infinite One, Universal One
Abba-Amma of creation

Our Mother who art in everyone
Everything is thy name
Thy garden serene, thy waters green
The earth as blue as the heavens
Let thy blessings be, and so I give thanks to thee
Let the blessings be

Abba-Amma of creation...
Seer Prophet Son by Shimshai
by Shimshai
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