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Who is Shimshai?

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"Shimshai is a heart-centered musical prodigy and one of the most gifted performers I've ever experienced.” ~Bruce Pavitt (Founder of Seattle based Sub-Pop Records, Nirvana’s first record label)

Whether singing the ancient Sanskrit mantras of India, age-old Hebrew prayers, traditional folklore of South America, or performing his original works of divine inspiration, Shimshai’s music invokes a sentiment of ancestral devotion and a dedication to higher consciousness. A self-proclaimed seeker of truth, described by many as possessing the voice of an angel, Shimshai is gifted with the innate ability to deliver his message flawlessly in several languages; most profoundly the universal language of Love and Oneness.

Shimshai’s fans range from young children to great grandparents, it seems as though people representing all walks of life, races, and religions are drawn to Shimshai’s recorded music and live performances. The growth of his fanbase has spread so exponentially in the past 5 years underground that people from all parts of the world request his performances there. International performances in places like Colombia, Mexico, Holland, Switzerland, Bermuda, Israel, Denmark, Canada, Germany and more have been helping make Shimshai a household name in the worldwide reggae/world music/spiritual community.

Surrounded by music from birth and formally trained on piano in his native state of Washington, today Shimshai performs fluidly on guitar and other strings, piano, flutes and woodwinds. He plays many of the instruments on his self-composed and self-produced albums, 'I sense your Presence' (2001), 'Toward the One' (2003), and 'Live on Maui' (2003), all which have been highly revered by the worldwide spiritual community. His collaboration with fellow artist Tina Malia, 'Jaya Bhagavan' (2004), has also been met with tremendous success, being signed to the independent record label Spirit Voyage in 2005, and 'Deliverance' (2006), showcases his abilities as a solo performer. 'Alianza' (2008), is a versatile world fusion studio CD that features multiple languages and ethnicity as well as world spirituality. ‘True Heart’ (2012) takes us back to Shimshai’s roots in reggae music with the full power Seraphim Sound System behind him and finally, ‘La Ventana’ (2013), recorded with Shimshai’s wife Susana, pays homage to their passion for the music and healing traditions of the South. ‘Seer Prophet Son’ (2015) returns to Shimshai’s acoustic world folk roots and aims to a more english based audience. Shimshai continues to offer his talents to various studio projects, including current collaborations with traditional healers and several undertakings with indigenous communities throughout South and Latin America.

Whether playing at large festivals, yoga studios, or spiritual retreats, Shimshai's live performances world-wide have helped to create a devoted and ever-growing global fan base. Shimshai has performed worldwide at numerous festivals, notably The Ancient Trance Festival (Germany), Rainbow Spirit Festival (Germany), Envision (Costa Rica), Sunrise (UK), Arise (CO), Earthdance (CA), Harmony Festival (CA), NW Folklife Festival (WA), Trinity Tribal Stomp (CA), Mystic Garden Festivals (US & HI), and many others. In February 2012, Shimshai was invited to open for Folk Legend JOAN BAEZ with an amazing response. He has shared the stage with other artists as Michael Franti, Jai Uttal, Snatam Kaur, Xavier Rudd, Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, Bhagavan Das, Dezarie & members of Midnite, Hamsa Lila, Youssoupha Sidibe, and many other gifted musicians. Additionally Shimshai has performed twice on television including the widely broadcast interview and performance on FOX Central Coast CA & Mel Van Dusen Presents. To experience the essence of this young mystic is to be taken down a musical journey that ultimately leads us back to the very core of our own inner existence.
"Shimshai's music emanates a divine presence and a quality of peace, a truly 'natural mystic' energy that flows into the hearts of his listeners. His musicality is superb, as is that of his bandmates, and his singing is sublime and transcendent."
~Jai Uttal, Kirtan Artist & world music pioneer

"An enchanted mixture of spirit and soul, danceable and tranceable."
~Leib Ostrow, Founder and CEO Earthbeat Records, Grammy Nominated Producer

“Shimshai has been playing beautiful music stirring the hearts of people from small circles to massive stages for more than a decade and his blessings have reverberated in so many of our hearts, inspiring us to stay true and follow our vision to so many beautiful places, more than he could ever know, this music has a life of its own.”
~Robin Tala, DJ & Emcee, Production Manager “The Bloom Series”

"When I hear this music I feel my soul rise up and start dancing.”
-Sunshine Pressider - KMUD - Humboldt County CA

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